Nikon D3000 Camera Review

The Nikon D3000 camera has breathtaking digital SLR image quality and its easy operation are highlights of Nikon’s friendliest DSLR ever.  Special moments are captured faithfully and displayed on a bright, 3-inch LCD monitor. The D3000’s split-second shutter response also eliminates the annoyance of shutter lag.  To further simplify picture-taking in special situations such as portraits, sports, landscapes, and more, the D3000 features icon-identified Scene Modes that deliver beautiful results automatically in otherwise complex situations.

Nikon D3000 Camera

Nikon D3000 Camera

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Here are some great features of the Nikon D3000 Camera:


The Nikon D3000 camera is great because it has an auto mode that essentially turns it into a point and shoot camera. There is no shutter lag and so you can hit continuous shoot to take 3 shots per second.  This camera has everything you could need. 11 point multi-focus and fancy light metering will keep anyone busy. That said, you can also just leave it in auto and it will take phenomenal photos.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Nikon D3000 camera:

After doing a ton of research online and trying out my sister-in-law’s slightly older Nikon D40, I settled on the new Nikon D3000 camera. And I love it! It really is easier to use than I could’ve imagined, and the shots I’ve gotten so far are amazing. I have no photographic training, but I am really delighted with the pictures I’ve been getting so far.  I’ve actually gotten -sharp- pictures of my toddler in motion, rather than just kid-shaped blurs! I took it to a local park last night for a couple hours and took some really nice photos there, too.

Alexis C.

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